Bonte Angus Farm is located in Midwest Wisconsin near Glenwood City.   We are just an hour from the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN.   We specialize in premium Angus Bulls and Breeding Stock.

Dan and Lana Bonte bought their first registered Angus cow in July 2000 and from that day forward, were in love with the breed.  It wasn't until 2003 that the idea of building a quality herd grew from just an idea into a serious plan.  With the help of some good friends, Bonte Angus Farm started working on the goal to build a herd that would one day produce the type of cattle that true cattlemen were looking for.

Genetics and ability are primary factors in the cattle bred at Bonte Angus Farm.  All breeding is done by artificial insemination in order to match the right pedigrees that will produce cattle that will meet your expectations.  Cows that breed quickly, calve easy, raise healthy calves, and prove their staying power are top goals.  All females offered by Bonte Angus Farm will be ultrasound pregnancy examined prior to any sale.

Herd health is also a top priority.  All Bonte Angus Farm cattle are vaccinated annually and dewormed regularly under the guidance of a veterinarian.  All cattle are tested negative for BVD at birth, all cows are tested negative for Johnes prior to breeding, and beginning in year 2010, all breeding prospects are ultrasound scanned for carcass traits.  Our bulls are veterinarian tested for breeding soundness and all weights and measures are submitted to American Angus Association.

Finally, we strive to produce and raise cattle that you can work with.  Docility is a trait that is not ignored at Bonte Angus Farm.  Your purchase satisfaction is our top concern.  If you are not happy with your purchase, we want to be the first to know.  Contact us if you have questions.